Welcome to Komno Store: A Tribute to Filipino Artistry and Eco-Innovation  

Our story at Komno Store began with a serendipitous encounter amidst the vibrant culture of the Philippines. Anne-Sophie was deeply inspired by the remarkable craftsmanship of local artisans who work with upcycled materials. This inspiration sparked the creation of Komno Store, a venture dedicated to showcasing the exquisite woven art of Filipino artisans to a broader audience. Driven by a shared commitment to support these skilled creators, Anne-Sophie and Brenda established Komno Store. Our purpose is to bring the beauty of Filipino upcycling to a broader market. We aim to repurpose materials that would otherwise be discarded, support the artisans who craft them, and provide our customers with beautiful, sustainable options.

Our unique products are carefully handcrafted from upcycled materials sourced from surplus drink pouch production. These materials, which would typically end up in landfills, are given a new lease on life in our products, combining durability with design. The use of Doypack packaging, a blend of aluminum and plastic, ensures our creations are both elegant and sturdy.

We invite you to join us on this inspiring journey!



Brenda's Journey with Komno Store

Since 2018, Brenda has been an integral part of Komno, putting her mind to a wide range of projects. As a co-founder of Komno Store, she has been essential in shaping our brand and contributing to our selection of upcycled products.

Komno Store is driven by our mission to support local Filipino artisans and transform perceptions of non-biodegradable waste. Through our thoughtfully crafted bags and accessories, Brenda and our team strive to highlight the potential of materials often overlooked and headed for landfills. Our products, featuring vibrant colors and original designs, embody this mission.

Brenda's dedication to our artisans and the celebration of Filipino craftsmanship shines through. Her discerning eye for beauty helps select the lively colors and intricate patterns that make our products unique.