Santa Fe Handbag Medium Sunset Silhouette
Santa Fe Handbag Medium Sunset Silhouette
Santa Fe Handbag Medium Sunset Silhouette

Santa Fe Handbag Medium Sunset Silhouette

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Description of Santa Fe Handbag Medium Sunset Silhouette

Santa Fe Handbag Medium: A Symphony of Sustainability

Eco-Conscious Core Each Santa Fe Handbag Medium is a beacon of eco-luxury, upcycled from the versatile Doypack. This resilient material, with a composition of 60% aluminum and 40% plastic, once served to package everyday items and now finds new purpose in your handbag, contributing to a circular economy and minimizing waste.

Artisanal Allure Crafted with pride, each handbag is a canvas woven by the skilled hands of Filipino artisans using time-honored techniques. This weaving not only preserves cultural craftsmanship but also weaves the tale of sustainability through every interlace.

Natural Nuances The Santa Fe Handbag Medium is adorned with rattan top handles, salvaged from the furniture industry's excess. These handles offer a sustainable and stylish way to carry your bag, reflecting our commitment to ethical fashion.

Design Details

  • Product Code: Santa Fe Handbag Medium Sunset Silhouette
  • Dimensions (HxLxW): 38 cm x 45 cm x 12 cm (Height extends to 48 cm with handles)
  • Weight: 475 g
  • Note: Each handbag is handcrafted, allowing for slight variations in size and pattern. The color may differ in various lighting, and patterns may vary between the front and back sides.

Styling Suggestion With an open-top design, the Santa Fe Handbag Medium pairs beautifully with our range of "zippable" accessories. Select a matching clutch or pouch to secure your belongings with style and functionality.

Your Sustainable Statement Embrace the unique personality of the Santa Fe Handbag Medium, where each detail from the laser-engraved komno logo to the vibrant weaves, tells a story of conscious fashion. Carry a piece that speaks of heritage, style, and a brighter future for our planet.