Welcome to Komno.store, where artisans and upcycling meet.

At Komno.store, we offer unique, handcrafted items created by talented Filipino artisans, many of whom are mothers working from home. Each product carries a special touch, made possible by these dedicated individuals.

By choosing an item from Komno.store, you support these artisans and their families. Our commitment extends beyond using sustainable materials to enhancing the livelihood of those who create these beautiful woven pieces.

Our collaboration spans from the Philippines to Australia, united by a love for sustainability and creativity. This partnership provides a unique shopping experience with a strong commitment to meaningful collaboration.

Each product tells its own story, blending tradition with innovation. Your purchase supports responsible gift-giving and helps celebrate artisanal skills.

Our items are crafted from repurposed Doypack packaging, turning potential waste into beautiful, functional products. Through our efforts and our partnership with artisans in the Philippines, we transform materials destined for landfill into something special.

Komno.store was founded by two friends, one from the Philippines and the other from Australia, united by a passion for handbags and sustainable creativity.

We aim to provide sustainable, stylish, and functional items that make a variety of occasions special. By repurposing Doypack packaging, we redirect materials from waste and promote eco-friendly practices.

Join us on this journey of thoughtful consumption!